The Recipe to a LIT Jacko Wacko Experience


3 cups Fireworks
5 tbsp Neon Lights
1 Gallon Loud Music
1 Awesome stage set up
12 Amazing Performers
1 Drum of Water
1000000 Pinch of Foam
and garnish with a m*therf*ckin  stunning CROWD!

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Xpect Xtraordinary Xperience at Manila X Festival


Style, music, and fashion collided for ONE solid festival? Believe it or not, we are bringing you there to one of the biggest lit events in the music and fashion scene this year!

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Jack Daniel’s Future Legends Indiefest To Fire Up The Weekend

 Come over and get involved with this one of a kind music event that celebrates the diversity and potential of local independents. Find out what the hell we are talking about and how you can score exclusive invites/ free guest list, scroll down. 😉

giphy (30)

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4 things that will get you down and dirty at Levels Incognito

Maroon FM’s done playing easy. This year, they’re kicking it up a notch. Whether you’re gonna start or end your semester right, there’s only one important thing to do: bring out your inner grunge at LEVELS 2.0: Incognito on May 27! You’ll be surprised by the modern twists to this grunge party. 😉

giphy (23)

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